About Me

Hi, my name is Romano and I’m the founder of Amsterdamupclose.com. Come explore Amsterdam with me from art museums to clubs.

Why did I create AmsterdamUpclose?

In general I like to help people and give the best tips and tricks. What is more better than helping tourists that want to visit Amsterdam? Personaly I hate it to pay for overpriced items or services when I am on vacation, just because I am a tourist. Also, in my experience there are always those hidden places that are not yet discovered by tourists but well known by locals. So this website is my gift to you!

My Background

Born and raised in Suriname, I moved to Amsterdam in 2004 to study. Moving from a developing country to a developed one, was all new to me. The possibilities and infrastructure is better but can be overwhelming and complicated if you are not used to them.

In my period as a student, I took the opportunity to get to know Amsterdam very well. If family or friends visit I make sure I bring them to places based on their interests.

What Else Do I Love?

My children

They just put a smile on my face. I just have to think of them when I am down and I am up again.

  • My childhood friends. I have known them for decades and are considered family rather than friends
  • Online Businesses. In my free time I explore opportunities to create online businesses. I have developed a lot of skills like building websites and digital marketing.

But enough about me…Go plan and enjoy your vacation in The Netherlands!